A Profitable Partnership
Working together, the California Chamber of Commerce and local chambers of Commerce are a solid force as advocates supporting business-friendly policies and helping California businesses comply with complex laws and regulations. Download PDF

Local Chamber Benefits

■    Annual dues: A substantially lower investment amount than regular business members still provides all CalChamber member benefits, including:
•    Advocacy – Grassroots – Legislative Updates
•    Alert newsletters and Inside the Capitol.
•    Weekly calls with the policy staff
•    Opportunity to testify before legislative hearings
•    Issue Coalition building
•    CalChamber Business Issues – An Agenda for Prosperity
•    Member Discount:  20% off CalChamber user-friendly compliance products.
• Access to our easy-to-navigate, comprehensive website.
•    Labor Law Helpline: Access to expert consultants in employment and labor law, typically responding to your request within one hour.
•    Online Directory. A listing of local chambers of commerce, one of the most popular destinations at, featuring a second listing of local chambers that issue certificates of origin.
■    Local Chamber Department Resources: Access to the staff with more than 50 years of chamber management experience.
■    Resale Partners: Member local chambers can purchase human resource compliance products at discounts up to 40%, resell to local businesses, helping businesses to comply with CA Labor Law. (Minimum $250 order required)
■    Political Engagement: As a CalChamber member, local chambers become part of a Broad-based network and by upgrading their dues to the $1,000/annually, they become a Public Affairs Council member, an elite group of business representatives engaged in political action.
•    Ballot Initiatives
•    Candidate profiles/endorsements
•    Voter Registrations drives and civic engagement
■    Key Insights: Stay in the know with reports and studies on timely topics from the CalChamber think tank, the California Foundation for Commerce and Education,

CalChamber and Local Chambers of Commerce: A win-win partnership for the local chamber and its members. For more information contact Russell Lahodny at (916) 930-1241 or