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Grassroots action by affected individuals making their views known to members of the Legislature and other policymakers is extremely effective. We encourage letters, emails, personal calls and visits to your legislators. Influencing legislation may also require influencing respected associates or other constitutional officers. Contact from a constituent heightens interest in a bill like no other communication. Your letters do make a difference on proposed laws.

Inside the Capitol

Inside the Capitol lets you know when a timely communication to your legislator or regulators can make a difference in policies adopted.

Grassroots Action Center

The Grassroots Action Center offers:

  • Highlighted Bills, Action Items and Position Letters;
  • Bio pages for your elected officials;
  • California Voter Guide;
  • Overview of Congressional District Races;
  • Online Form to Register to Vote!

Bill Tracking

The CalChamber actively follows federal and state legislation in a number of policy areas.

  • Topic & Position – Bills Tracked by the CalChamber
  • Federal Bills – CalChamber is following.
  • Job Killers – Legislation that will decimate economic and job growth in California.
  • Job Creators – Bills that will improve the state’s job climate and stimulate economic recovery.

Legislative Links

Legislative publications help you research the activities of your legislators.

Small Business Advocate Award

The California Chamber of Commerce Small B​usiness Advocate of the Year Award recognizes small business owners who have done an exceptional job with their local, state and national advocacy efforts on behalf of small businesses. Read about the 2016 Award Winners and profiles of past recipients of the CalChamber Small Business Advocate of the Year Award.

See award criteria or download the nomination form for 2016.

President’s Circle Award

The President’s Circle Award recognizes local chambers of commerce for excellence in business advocacy and helping their members comply with California employment laws. See the 2016 award recipients.

Action Alerts

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Grassroots Contact

Cathy-Mesch-2013-300x300Cathy Mesch
Grassroots Coordinator